The Story of Anarchy Tuesday

Anarchy Tuesday began humbly within the confines of a 9th grade biology classroom. A single visionary student, bored by the day’s monotony, began hypothesizing about the benefits of a monthly period of no governance, inspired by the yearly anarchy depicted in the cinematic opus The Purge. He decreed that such an event would take place every first Tuesday of the month, and christened his philosophy “Anarchy Tuesday.” His classmates, some of whom would go on to work closely in the idea’s development, were enthralled by his brilliance. This visionary, of course, was Stephen, future CEO of the Anarchy Tuesday Group. 
Though the first version of the Anarchy Tuesday philosophy quickly receded, those two words never abandoned Stephen and his followers. The following year, they launched a T-Shirt brand, reinventing the concept in the process. Anarchy Tuesday was now more than an idea; it was a company designed to promote the unleashing of individual freedoms. The group quickly found willing customers, and it became a school ritual to don the shirts for each Tuesday of class. 
More than a year passed, and the shirts had unfortunately lost their popularity with time. However, not all was lost. Stephen, accompanied by the members of the newly established First Anarchy Group Board, hatched a plot to create new t-shirts with an eye-catching, simple design. These shirts would become exceptionally more popular than the first, and the Board began making sales, some outside of the school system. Even people with little knowledge of the philosophy began buying into the hype. By this time, Stephen had started to show signs of professional entrepreneurship, wrapping each shirt in a neat package with a note thanking the consumer for their purchase. One thing led to another, and a Second Group Board was formed with the aim of professionalizing the business. With a web domain to call their own, a popular shirt brand on their hands, and boundless optimism and opportunities for the future, the members of the Anarchy Tuesday Group are ready to form a nation of misfits and rebels to help redefine the status quo.