Anarchy Board

Stephen Shaw Evan Ferstl
President Senior Advisor

Stephen Shaw, being the primary founder of Anarchy Tuesday, owns and operates the Anarchy Tuesday Group. He prides himself on a model of business not stemmed at personal profit, but the growth of a community. For Stephen Shaw, Anarchy has become a way to interpret not just the world, mankind, and philosophy, but the very shell of existing.

The Scourge joined Anarchy Tuesday shortly after its conception in 2015. With his shameless insanity, love of politics, and unparalleled loyalty, The Scourge quickly rose through the ranks of the ATG, becoming one of Stephen’s closest confidants. He has been instrumental in spreading the word of Anarchy beyond the isolation of the ATG, and worked closely in the designing and distribution of both generations of Anarchy apparel. These irreplaceable contributions to the ATG have made him the only person besides Stephen himself who retains membership in both group boards. For The Scourge, Anarchy serves as an excellent excuse for his eccentric insubordination, and provides context for his constant rails against the establishment.
Trinity Hugunin Tyffanie Denzer
Secretary Public Relations Expert
Sarah Beguin Max Derbyshire
Board Member Board Member
Aaron Lewis Raelyn Peter
Secretary of Defense Board Member
Emily Perkins
Board Member